More homes than ever before have alarm systems installed today to help protect persons and property. Because the growing trend is to use technology to enhance the overall safety of one’s home or business it is important to know a few simple and basic distinctions with regard to alarm systems. For example, most alarm systems come either as monitored or un-monitored and both systems have their own distinct advantages. One company in particular, Central Alarm located in the greater Tucson area offers outstanding tips and advice as well as a wealth of information on these two common types of alarm systems.

Technology has made the Systems Highly Efficient and Accurate

An un-monitored alarm system is more of a conventional type system that relies solely on technology as well as sound notification and automated phone contact initiation to operate efficiently. One of the most notable advantages of using an un-monitored system is that this option is simply less expensive than a fully monitored security system. The good news for homeowners wishing to use this type of alarm system is that technology has made these systems highly efficient and accurate. An un-monitored system can quickly detect an intruder and make the appropriate contact with authorities to alert them of a potential problem. In addition, these systems also offer lighting and sound that is triggered in an attempt to deter intruders. This type of system also works equally well when used to detect fires.

Detect a Potential Problem Before it Even Occurs

Central Alarm like other high quality alarm companies located across the state of Arizona also offer closely monitored security systems. These systems, as the name implies, are monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by well-trained staff. The staff members are skilled in monitoring video surveillance, and other warning systems for any potential intrusion or problem. In addition, monitored systems also have the added advantage of being able to detect a potential problem long before it even occurs. For example, with video surveillance staff members can spot a suspicious individual and then contact authorities before an intrusion has even occurred. It is clear that both of these systems have advantages, and both offer a way to improve the overall safety and security of your home.

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