Keeping fire and theft at bay is easier than ever thanks to high quality alarm companies like Central Alarm. Few alarm companies across the state of Arizona deliver the expertise, experience and knowledge that come from decades of working in the alarm industry, as does Central Alarm. In fact, those serious about affordable home alarm systems and surveillance systems should consider this highly qualified company for their next installation project. Central Alarm makes alarm systems affordable and puts them within the reach of most homeowner’s budgets. Faster response times and state-of-the-art electronic systems mean better overall security for anyone serious about attaining and maintaining the highest levels of security.

Meeting and Maintaining UL Standards

In addition, as a quality company that delivers outstanding security products and services, Central Alarm goes out of its way to offer everything from alarm systems that are pet friendly to total and complete vacation coverage. Restricted access and even security guard systems are offered from this highly experienced security company. The company also complies with UL or Underwriter Laboratory type standards for burglar alarms and fire alarms. This should always be an important consideration for those looking to have a security system installed. By meeting and maintaining UL standards, a company must provide 24-hour type monitoring. This type certification also requires that a company maintain a secondary type receiver system, should a primary receiver fail.

Central Alarm has Residents of Arizona Covered in every way Imaginable

From carbon monoxide to duress and fire or burglary, Central Alarm has the residents of Arizona covered in every way imaginable with regard to alarm systems. Commercial aspects of protection include elevator phone service, temperature control, holdup alarms, as well as fire and burglar alarms. Preventing theft and fire as well as other undesirable events is the number one priority of Central Alarm. As a full-service company committed to delivering outstanding customer service and satisfaction, Central Alarm should be the number one choice of demanding homeowners and business owners. Contact a representative of Central Alarm and schedule an initial no-obligation consultation to take your security and safety to a new level.