The experts and professionals at Central Alarm would likely tell you that any type of security system for your home is better than no security system at all. Along those same lines it is also important to know the advantages of video surveillance when used in conjunction with a variety of alarm systems. Video surveillance is an excellent complement to any alarm system and offers homeowners and business owners the opportunity to more closely monitor their premises. Video surveillance has become more widespread and more readily available thanks to advancing technologies such as wireless systems. Anyone serious about protecting their property or person should seriously consider the advantages offered by video type surveillance.

Highly Trained Professionals who have been Carefully Screened

Fortunately for those residing in the state of Arizona there is one company that excels beyond others with regard to security systems – Central Alarm. This is a company that is unique in its residential service, business service and guard service. Having been in business for many decades, Central Alarm offers the advantage of using only highly trained professionals who have been carefully screened and fingerprinted prior to joining the established team at Central Alarm. In addition, all prospective employees undergo an extensive background check that protects both the company and its valued clients. As a fully licensed contractor Central Alarm carries comprehensive insurance and always strives for the very highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The Highest Level of Safety and Security for Customers and Clients

Central Alarm is a company that specializes in residential as well as commercial systems that are designed to effectively protect residential homes and commercial buildings. Best of all, the company strives to deliver the highest quality service and parts, while maintaining a strict adherence to a client’s budget. The company is well versed in designing a wide array of security systems for both burglary and fire to ensure the highest level of safety and security for customers and clients. Fire protection and the protection from unauthorized intrusion through the use of camera systems, access control, guards and various patrol services ensure your maximum protection at all times. Call or visit in person for a free quote or an upgrade to your existing system.