Most security experts would agree that an alarm system is perhaps one of the most important elements of overall home security. However, with that said there are other things that homeowners can do in order to complement an existing alarm system. For example, installing deadbolts is a smart and cost-effective way to greatly enhance an existing alarm system. Deadbolts are stronger and more resistant to tampering.
Replace The Door With Interior Hinged Hardware
Another strategy that can be integrated into any overall home security plan is to always use interior door hinges. This is an key strategy that sometimes goes overlooked. Thieves and burglars can easily remove existing hinges when they are on the outside of the door. Check to ensure that your home has no doors with exterior hinges. If you find a door with exterior hinges it is important to have a contractor or other professional come in and replace the door with interior hinged hardware.
Video Surveillance Cameras Are Typically Wireless
Homes with sliding glass doors should always use a metal bar in the sliding track to prevent thieves from entering a home by simply taking sliding doors off of their track. Home surveillance systems are another great way to complement an existing alarm system. Today’s modern video surveillance cameras are typically wireless, small and affordable. This makes for adding a video surveillance system easy, convenient and well within the budget of most homeowners. Best of all, video surveillance can be combined with computer technology to allow homeowners to monitor their property from virtually any place in the world.
Vandals Will Simply Prefer To Move On
Yard signs are an important aspect of overall home security. While a home alarm system can go a long way in protecting a dwelling, letting would-be thieves know in advance that you have an alarm system is a smart strategy. Thieves and would-be vandals will simply prefer to move on rather than tamper with a home that has clearly stated that it has an alarm system. Finally, always ensure that doors are solid. Use solid metal or solid wood doors throughout your entire exterior. This greatly reduces the possibility of forced break-ins. Complementing existing alarm systems is easy and affordable today thanks to a few simple strategies. Contact Central Alarm to learn more about Tucson alarm systems that are designed to produce results.