Staying safe and secure in todays increasingly uncertain world sometimes means following a few simple tips. For example, an often overlooked and very important aspect of home security is to make a record of all a home’s contents. This is especially important with regard to valuables such as jewelry, electronics and other expensive items. Even a video camera can be used to make a record of all the items in a home. Once a record has been made is important to store this information in a safe place.
Drilling A Hole Where The Windows Overlap
Another great security tip for homeowners that can complement a quality alarm system includes reinforcing windows. Windows can actually be one of the weakest parts of a home. While today’s modern windows already include good locking mechanisms, homeowners can re-double the level of security in windows by simply drilling a hole where the windows overlap and installing a nail or other type of metal rod. This makes defeating a window locking mechanism virtually impossible. A security bar can also be used in ground-level windows as a way to further increase window security.
Never Leaving Keys Outside Of Your Home
With regard to keys it is important never to hide keys outdoors in a secret or undisclosed location. Thieves are very smart and know that homeowners often hide keys outdoors. Avoid the potential for a break-in by never leaving keys outside of your home. In addition, leaving keys with friends, neighbors and others is simply not a good idea. Keys can be duplicated, lost or stolen. Prevent the potential for unauthorized entry by always replacing the locks in your home if keys are unaccounted for or floating around outside your home.
It Is Important To Reinforce Existing Locks

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