While an alarm system that protects the interior of the home can go a long way in keeping homeowners safe, there are a few things that can be done outdoors that will complement any existing alarm system. Best of all, these supporting security measures are affordable, easy to implement and can serve to greatly enhance security levels throughout a home. One of the most obvious ways to enhance any existing security system is to add generous amounts of outdoor lighting.
Strategically Placed Outdoor-Lighting
A home that is well lighted is far less likely to be compromised than a home that lacks adequate outdoor lighting. Exterior lighting is affordable and typically easy to install. From motion detector spotlights to other types of strategically placed outdoor lighting, the possibilities are endless when it comes to lighting the outside of a home. Thieves, burglars and vandals despise the very idea of light. These people operate in the shadows and will simply move on when light is a part of the equation.
Timers Can Be Digital Or Manual
Make it tough on would-be thieves by keeping the exterior of your home extremely well lit at all times. Lighting timers are another great way to make the best use of exterior lighting. This is especially useful when on vacation or away from home. Timers that turn lights on and off create the illusion that someone is home. These timers can be digital or manual and can typically be found at a local hardware store. This is an extremely affordable solution that can greatly enhance a homeowner’s level of security.
Keep A Home Safe And Secure Your Round
Landscaping is another important concern that must be addressed as a way to complement an existing alarm system. Tall trees, heavy shrubbery and bushes can all make for perfect hiding places. Thieves enjoy the cover of shrubbery and will use landscaping to their advantage. Make it as difficult as possible for thieves by simply keeping trees, shrubs and bushes trimmed back as much as possible. When landscaping is well manicured and trimmed and lighting is bright and obvious, the chances of a break in are greatly reduced. These simple outdoor measures when integrated with a quality alarm system can keep a home safe and secure year round. Contact Central Alarm today for Tucson alarm systems that provide excellent protection.