Perhaps one of the least expensive and most effective ways of reducing break-ins for residential homeowners is to simply keep burglars confused and fooled. In short, when thieves are uncertain whether or not someone is home they are far less likely to take bold steps to break into a home. Surprisingly, the majority of break-ins around the country occur during the day while homeowners are at work. That is why it is so important to confuse burglars.
Leave Lights On Within Your Home
Convincing burglars that someone is home and creating an image that a house is occupied is one of the most effective and easiest ways to stop break-ins. Even during the day it is advisable to leave lights on within your home. A television or a radio left on can go a long way in sending burglars down the road. While this may add slightly to one’s electrical utility charges, the end result is that a house will stay safe and secure while homeowners are busy at work or school.
The End Result Is An Incredibly Secure Residence
In addition, posting clear and obvious signage that lets would-be thieves know that an alarm system is installed further secures a home. When the illusion of occupancy is created combined with clear signage as well as a high quality alarm system and video surveillance the end result is an incredibly secure residence that is far less likely to be broken into. This provides homeowners with peace of mind in knowing that their home will not be compromised while they are away.
Add Additional Locking Mechanisms To Further Secure Your Home
Finally, securing sliding doors, windows and other doors around the home is an equally important strategy that must always be considered. While windows and doors come with standard locks it is always a good idea to add additional locking mechanisms to further secure your home. Windows are notorious for being defeated by burglars. By simply drilling a hole and installing a small rod into the window frame the chances of a burglar breaking into a home are greatly reduced. Foiling burglars with these simple strategies and techniques is a smart and effective way to increase overall security. Contact Central Alarm today for Tucson alarm systems that get results.

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