There is a growing concern among homeowners with regard to burglary and theft. That is why it is more important than ever before to stay proactive when finding ways to reduce the chances of burglary. One common strategy that often goes overlooked is to simply reduce escape routes for burglars around a home. Criminals typically look for homes that have a wide variety of hiding areas and hiding spots. This along with escape routes makes for the perfect target for a burglar.
Safety And Security
Reducing shrubbery, trimming back trees and keeping a yard well manicured can greatly reduce the probability of theft, vandalism or other types of crime. In addition, by simply installing motion detector type lighting, a homeowner can substantially improve the overall safety and security of any outdoor space. These lights are designed to turn on automatically when someone is detected walking around in the immediate area. This is the perfect deterrent for nighttime break-ins that are so common today.
Uncommon And Unexpected Places
Equally important is to avoid storing jewelry, valuables and other expensive items in a bedroom. Thieves will often target a bedroom, and especially a master bedroom for cash, jewelry and other valuables. One of the best ways to deter theft and protect valuables is to store these items in uncommon and unexpected places. This can include good hiding spots in a bathroom, spare bedroom or even a laundry room. The attic is a common place that is also used to make it far more difficult for thieves to steal valuable belongings. In addition, working closely with neighbors to prevent home theft is a good common strategy.
Keeping A Garage Secure
Having a group mentality when it comes to protecting a neighborhood can go a long way in averting any type of break-ins or burglaries. A close-knit community with like-minded neighbors is one of the best ways to stay alert and prevent theft. For example, if a neighbor suspects unusual activity around your home they should be expected to call the authorities as soon as possible. In return, you would do the same thing for one of your neighbors. Finally, always keeping a garage secure is a great way to reduce theft. Open garage doors, especially at night are an invitation to burglars. Contact Central Alarm for the best in quality Tucson alarm systems.

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