In today’s increasingly uncertain world, there is a steady increase in the rise of burglary, theft and vandalism. One simply needs watch the local news or the national news to see that crime is on the rise. In fact, there are widely available statistics that show that crime plays a major role in today’s modern society. For example, statistically speaking, a home burglary happens about four times a minute in the United States. On an hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly basis this is an astounding number of burglaries.
Motion Sensing Lighting
In addition, the average home burglary is said to result in a financial loss of approximately $1500 per incident. This means that homeowners on average can expect to lose at least $1500 worth of valuables when their home has been burglarized. Taking the appropriate steps to avoid theft can greatly improve one’s overall peace of mind. From alarm systems to motion sensing lighting and video surveillance, taking the necessary steps to prevent burglaries is well worth the effort.
Through An Unlocked Window Or Door
Another important statistic that speaks volumes with regard to today’s modern burglaries and theft is that almost 1/3 of all burglaries are considered to be unlawful entry. This simply means that burglars were able to enter a home without using any type of destructive force. In most instances, unlawful entry means that a burglar or vandal simply walked through an unlocked window or door. This is a sobering statistic that indicates that a large percentage of burglaries can easily be avoided by homeowners taking the necessary security measures. While two thirds of all burglaries are residential in nature, clearly more than half of these types of crimes occur during the day.
Secure And Well Protected
This is typically due to the fact that burglars target homes where individuals are away at work. With a relatively short number of burglaries solved by police in most instances, it is more important than ever before for homeowners to ensure that their homes are secure and well protected. With roughly 1/3 of homes today having security systems, it is essential for those without an alarm system to consider having a system installed. As a matter of fact, homes that do not have a security system are up to three times more likely to be burglarized. Contact Central Alarm today for quality Tucson alarm systems.

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