Protecting a home from burglary, theft and vandalism is easier than most people might imagine. In many instances, it simply involves taking advantage of a few logical and effective tips that are designed to greatly improve home safety and security. For example, something as simple as keeping curtains and blinds closed to prevent burglars from taking inventory of the items inside a home is an easy and effective way to prevent home theft from ever happening.
Second Story Windows
In addition, outdoor ladders should be secured and stored in a locked shed, garage or other space to ensure that thieves do not have access to this type of equipment. Gaining access to the second story windows that are not locked is an easy way for burglars to gain entry into a home. Play it safe and always keep ladders out of reach of would-be thieves. Perhaps most important of all is to always ensure that the garage door remains closed and locked.
Change The Access Code
Here’s another great strategy for reducing the chances of unauthorized entry into your home. Replacing worn out keypads on entry devices is an important aspect of overall home security that must be considered. When a keypad entry device is used over and over for several years, the letters and numbers can become visible. This can provide criminals with the information that they need to gain easy access to your home. The best strategy in this regard is to simply change the access code on home entry devices periodically to prevent thieves from guessing the access code.
A Correct Address On File
Another uncommon strategy that can go a long way in increasing the safety and security of a home is to ensure that the address of a home is clearly visible from the street for firemen, paramedics and police. Being able to quickly identify a home can increase response time substantially. Along the same lines it is also important to make certain that medical assistance, the police and the fire department all have a correct address on file with regard to 911 calls. Finally, waiting to put out the trash in the morning as opposed to the night before can reduce the chances of the theft of identity related information. Contact Central Alarm today for Tucson alarm systems that are affordable and highly effective.

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