News reports and other statistics show that crime is on the rise across the country and around the world. As such it is more important than ever before to consider smart and sensible ways of making a home more secure. For example, protecting the windows around a home is perhaps one of the best ways to deter burglars and thieves. Using windows as an entry point is one of the most common strategies of today’s typical thieves and crooks.
Open Invitation To Thieves
Securing windows around a home is an easy and inexpensive way of greatly enhancing the overall safety of a home. Installing burglar resistant glass and window locks is always a smart option for homeowners. Equally important is to consider using interior door hinges throughout a home. Exterior doors that have hinges on the outside are an open invitation to thieves with a few handy tools. Making an effort to convert all doors with outside hinges to inside hinges can greatly enhance security for homeowners.
Forcing A Sliding Glass Door Open
Another key aspect of increasing security throughout a home is to use metal bars or other heavy-duty bars on all sliding glass doors. Patio doors, sliding doors and other types of similar doors should have a metal bar or other type of deterrent in the bottom track. This bar is important in preventing thieves and burglars from forcing a sliding glass door open. Deadbolt locks are another great deterrent that are easy to install. In fact homeowners can do the work themselves and simply retrofit all existing locks throughout a home with deadbolt locks. As a note, deadbolt locks should be at least one inch thick to be considered highly effective.
Crime Will Not Be Tolerated
Finally, illuminating a house on the interior and exterior is one of the most important aspects of deterring theft and crime. Criminals, thieves and vandals detest light and will simply move down the road to a darker location. Homeowners and business owner should make ample use of lighting as a way to let thieves know that crime will not be tolerated. Finally, it is essential to always maintain an appearance throughout a home that it is active in occupied. This will also serve to deter break-ins and theft. Contact Central Alarm today for the best in Tucson home alarm and business alarm systems.

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