It is common knowledge that installing a security system, alarm system or surveillance system or a combination of all of these can greatly reduce the chances of theft and vandalism. However, there are some other basic and easy to implement strategies that can substantially improve overall homeowner safety and security. Plan ahead and consider these basic home safety and security measures as a way to keep your home and family safe at all times.
Approaching The Front Door
For example, whenever there is a knock at the door it is important to exercise caution prior to opening a door to a stranger. The best option is to always check through the peephole and talk through the door to find out what an individual needs or requires. Another smart strategy in this situation is to have a phone handy and available when approaching the front door after there has been a knock. If you are unfamiliar with the individual or do not feel comfortable simply call 911 or call the police.
Hide In A Garage
Another key strategy for improving safety of any home is to always keep garage doors closed. Many homeowners have a tendency to keep the garage door open especially when the weather is nice. This is a sure way to invite trouble. Thieves, vandals and others can access one’s home quite easily through an open garage door. Even more concerning is the fact that those wishing to gain entry to a home can hide in a garage waiting for the garage door to close. This easy and inexpensive way of increasing home security is well worth considering by concerned homeowners.
Leave A Set Of Keys With A Trusted Neighbor

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