There are many standard safety procedures that homeowners can use to keep their home safe and secure year-round. However, there are several lesser-known and less common safety and security strategies that can greatly enhance safety in an affordable and effective way. More homeowners than ever before are making home security a top priority as crime rates continue to rise across the country and throughout the world.
Use Of A Timer For Lights
One simple and inexpensive way to increase security around the home is to always avoid the temptation to place your family name on your mailbox or on a curb sign. Criminals are able to connect the dots and pair a phone number with a name and a street address. Avoid the temptation to proudly place your family name somewhere in public view around your home as a way to stay safe. Equally important is to consider the use of a timer for lights while not at home. Timers are more effective than simply leaving lights on all the time.
A Timer Control Can Throw Off Criminals
This is because criminals often track activity in an individual’s home to determine whether or not they are in fact home. A timer control can throw off criminals and keep them confused by turning off the lights and turning on lights at unexpected times. This is a simple and effective strategy that when combined with a security system can greatly enhance the overall level of home security that homeowners enjoy. Even more effective is combining lights that on timers and footlights that are on sensor controls. Motion sensors will turn lights on anytime somebody approaches the home.
Never Allow Newspapers Or Mail To Accumulate
Another simple and effective way of preventing theft and crime around a home is to never leave boxes from new purchases in front of your home. This is an easy way to alert criminals that you purchased a new TV, stereo or computer. A better option is to simply break down these boxes and recycle them as appropriate. Finally, as is always the case it is important to never allow newspapers or mail to accumulate when away on vacation. Work with neighbors and friends to ensure that your house always looks lived in regardless of how long you will be gone. Contact Central Alarm today for Tucson alarm systems that are affordable, responsive and highly dependable.

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