While having a professional security technician install a video surveillance system is always the best option, it is still good to know some of the tips and tricks of the trade. For example, when installing a video surveillance camera it is best to install the unit in such a way that it is protected from direct sunlight, excessive rainwater, ice and snow. In addition, installing a camera in a high vantage point can reduce the likelihood of vandalism.
Never Pointed Directly At The Sun
It is also a good idea to install a camera in such a way so that it captures the best possible vantage point with regard to the area that is to be under surveillance. Equally important is to ensure that the camera lens is never pointed directly at the sun. Bright sunlight can damage delicate components of a video surveillance camera. With regard to lighting, video surveillance cameras work best in a well-lit area where bright lights or sunlight do not directly interfere with the field of vision.
Make Those Who Have Vandalized Accountable
Another important aspect of installing video surveillance around a home or business is to ensure that every entry and exit to a structure is fitted with a camera. Today’s modern video surveillance systems record every event and activity that occurs virtually around the clock. This is important because in the event of a break-in or vandalism, law enforcement can use this information to begin an investigation as a way to recover lost items or make those who have vandalized accountable. Recorders associated with video surveillance camera should be well protected and hidden.
Detected And Recorded
This is an excellent way of protecting valuable evidence after there has been a break-in or some type of vandalism. As an added note, consumers should know that black-and-white cameras typically work better in a low-light environment. Conversely, cameras that record in color will provide greater detail with regard to useful information. Everything from the color of a car to the color of clothing can be detected and recorded when using color equipment. There are some cameras that function in black and white at night and then switch to color during the day. Either way, working with a professional in the security industry can ensure that the right choices are made. Contact Central Alarm today for Tucson video surveillance and security systems.

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