Most security experts would agree that windows are perhaps one of the weakest links in overall home security. That said there are some simple and effective ways of improving window security around the home. For example installing additional locks and innovative impact resistant glass can go a long way in reducing the chances of a break-in or vandalism. Locking windows makes it more difficult for burglars to use them as an entry point. While impact resistant glass can be costly it can ultimately pay for itself by preventing a break-in or vandalism.
Enhance The Appearance Of A Home
In some instances, homeowners may choose to install grills on windows as a way to fortify a home. Best of all, there are many creative and attractive looking window grills available today that can actually enhance the appearance of a home. Grills that provide increased security to home from a decorative perspective are well worth considering as a way to maintain optimal levels of security at all times. Another great way to improve security around the home is to consider installing bright and powerful floodlights outdoors.
Landscape Appropriately
In short, installing multiple floodlights around the perimeter of a house structure can greatly enhance safety. Thieves and criminals are deterred by light because they typically work in the shadow of the night. Installing multiple floodlights over windows, entryways and other areas around the home will cause criminals, vandals and thieves to think twice. Those wishing to break into a residential home that sense they may be detected will simply move on to another target. Another great way to deter break-ins and theft is to landscape appropriately. For example, using small crushed rocks around windows can prevent criminals from peeking in at night.
Reflective Film Or Tinted Glass
Crushed rock is noisy when walked upon helping to deter criminals and thieves. Equally effective is to consider planting varieties of bushes and shrubs that have sharp painful thorns. Using these types of plantings under windows can reduce the chances of criminals and thieves looking into a home when preparing to break in. As an added note, reflective film or tinted glass can also serve to increase safety and security around the home. When burglars cannot see into a home they are less likely to break in. Contact Central Alarm today for Tucson home security alarm systems.

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