Being a residential homeowner or a small business owner comes with much responsibility with regard to ensuring overall safety and security. While installing a quality alarm system that includes video surveillance cameras and motion sensors is always essential to total security, there are some other things that homeowners and business owners can do to enhance security even further. For example, homeowners can choose to have a family dog on-site.
Acute Sense Of Smell
This is an important consideration because dogs are particularly sensitive to noises, strange behavior or prowlers in the vicinity of a home. By their very nature, dogs will bark and become agitated when there is a stranger crossing into the bounds of what they perceive to be there space. Dogs also have an acute sense of smell and can detect the smell of prowlers from a long distance. Few security measures can compare to simply having a dog in and around the home environment.
Prey Upon A Homeowners Mail
Equally important is to always make sure that mail is picked up promptly once it has been delivered to a mailbox. Many thieves prey upon a homeowner’s mail in order to find out personal information in preparation for a break-in. When going out of town for any length of time it is recommended to always have a family member or neighbor pick up the mail at regular intervals. Even contacting the post office to pause mail delivery is a better option than simply allowing mail to pile up in the mailbox. This combined with joining in neighborhood watch team can go a long way in improving safety for everyone.
Never Leave Any Notes On The Door
Finally, homeowners should always refrain from leaving any type of note on the front door. Whether it is a note for family or friends or even service personnel it is strongly recommended to never leave any notes on the door. A note will send out a clear and obvious message that occupants of a home are away. It is far safer to simply make phone calls and let those you expect know that you will be gone. The installation of the latest in wireless home security systems is one of the best ways to prevent burglaries and thefts. Today’s modern wireless systems are incredibly reliable. Contact Central Alarm today for Tucson alarm systems.

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