Residential home security is a major concern today as the crime rate only continues to increase. That said there are some easy and simple ways of improving security that every homeowner should consider. For example, changing the locks at least every several years is a good way to improve safety and security around the home. Keys get lost, keys can be duplicated and locks become less reliable over time.
Wireless Security System
The simple act of replacing locks every five or 10 years can greatly enhance security. Another important aspect of changing locks is that when keys are lost it should be automatically assumed that the locks should be changed immediately. Equally important is to opt for a wireless security system when choosing a security or alarm system for your home. If an older alarm system is already installed it is important to conceal all wiring related to any alarm systems. This is simply due to the fact that burglars will often try to cut wiring as a way to deactivate an alarm system.
Homes That Are Unoccupied
Upgrading to a new modern wireless system that includes surveillance cameras and motion detectors is always the best option. Equally important is to ensure that a home always looks lived in. Professional thieves and burglars will search neighborhoods endlessly for homes that are unoccupied. Placing automatic timers on televisions, radios and lighting is an excellent way of keeping burglars confused with regard to whether or not a home is occupied. It is also essential to never leave the keys to your home in a mailbox or under the front mat.
Sliding Glass Door
Finally, homeowners should always make certain that all sliding glass doors have metal bars installed in the track. Sliding glass doors are one of the weakest links of any home. When a metal bar is installed in the track it makes it virtually impossible for a thief to enter a home through a sliding glass door. As an added note it is also a good idea to always install deadbolt locks throughout a home. This includes the door that leads from the house to the garage. Taking security seriously and covering all aspects of home security can prevent a break-in, home invasion or some other type of crime. Contact Central Alarm today for burglar alarms in Tucson Arizona.