In Tucson, Arizona crime statistics indicate that over 3,000 violent crimes and over 35,000 property crimes occur annually. This includes 5,000 burglary crimes a year, which means forcefully entering someone’s house with the intention of stealing property. Residents should be alarmed. In order to take necessary precautions against the unfortunate fact of crime, it is in the individual’s best interest to contact a home alarm system provider—Central Alarm—to reduce the risk of burglary and other property related crimes.
Combating Burglary
Central Alarm takes pride in protecting homeowners in Tucson, Arizona by providing customers with home security alarms. A home security alarm protects against intrusion. The sky’s the limit with the level of protection we can offer. Some customers opt for a package that includes video surveillance. The video surveillance options adds a special layer of security, mainly protection after the fact. Video surveillance can be used to dispute personal injury claims that might occur on your property; it can be used to justify self-defense after an intrusion; it provides closure, because after reviewing surveillance tapes the homeowner will have a clear picture of the intruder.
At Central Alarm, we also offer more traditional timed alarm systems, which can be programmed to facilitate security at night when the home is most susceptible. Infra-red alarm systems are also a viable option. Infra-red security systems employ infra-red sensors to detect the presence of any unwanted intruder. Infra-red sensors will then trigger house lights to turn on, which will be sure to send an unwanted intruder into retreat. Your alarm system can even be controlled by a mobile device. Thus, if you leave on vacation uncertain you programmed your alarm, your anxiety will be relieved simply by turning on your smart phone and checking the status of your alarm system.