Imagine this scenario. You are safely sheltered in the comfort of your home. The kids are quite and asleep, as you turn on your favorite show and your spouse reads a book. All the doors are locked. All is safe. However, unbeknownst to you there is a terrible man, down on his luck, breaking into houses recklessly and tearing down anything that comes in his way. He approaches your house. He is drunk and has no idea or care that you are in the house. Bam! He breaks through the door. Ring! Ring! Ring! The alarm sounds! The drunken vagrant attempts to flee the premises only to trip over you children’s water wiggle, falling head first into your rose bushes and passing out. Unbeknownst to this idiot, the cops have been called via Central Alarm’s monitoring system. As the cherries flash and the maniac is hauled away, you realize that the chump change you spent on your alarm system may have been the best investment you ever made.
A Reduction in Insurance Rates
The investment in a security system is almost a must in today’s world. If protection from criminals and a consequential inner peace is not enough incentive, then maybe the fact that insurance companies will reduce their prices solely because an alarm system is installed in your house is. Indeed at Central alarm we take pride in bringing our customers safety and savings. Different security systems are available depending on customer’s individual needs. Some of our options include, burglar alarms, wireless security systems, wireless and wired video surveillance, card access systems, and other monitoring services. A trained technician from Central Alarm can help you asses your situation and meet your security needs.  Safety is essential for security—call Central Alarm today.

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