It may surprise some to learn that an average American home contains about four hundred pounds of copper. Copper theft is an ongoing problem, affecting both the residential and commercial areas of the US. At recycling yards, Copper sells for around $2.20 per pound. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that utility companies lose $ 1 billion worth of copper wire each year. No doubt copperattracts the vagrants and petty thieves of the world. It’s important to protect your home against the presence of these wretched individuals, both for the sake of your property and personal safety.
Paint it Black
The rolling stones offer a solution to the copper theft problem that affects America. Painting your copper tubing black can beguile burglars as they attempt a copper heist from your home. The paint is completely harmless to your tubing, and it will protect against theft, indefinitely. This is because most scrap yards won’t accept copper tubing that has been painted. Let us add that you don’t need to paint your copper tubing black. You can paint it blue, green, yellow, or whatever color suits your mood.
Sound the Alarm!
Installing a home security system, and then advertising that fact by placing a sticker or sign post somewhere visible to intruders, will deter petty copper thieves. An alarm to them is a red tape that they would prefer not to cross. Loud noises scare criminals, for they prefer to hide in the shadows.
Tag Team
Consult your neighbors and hatch a plan to send a message to petty thieves, id est authorities will be alerted immediately if anyone in the neighborhood notices suspicious behavior. Essentially, these criminals are like rats and would prefer to hide in the darkness. Any threat to their anonymity will cause them to scurry away, and thus, your copper will be safe from the less fortunate