Everyone thinks that instincts will take over in an emergency situation, and carry them through to safety amidst danger and turmoil. Sometimes though, people panic, and many are prone to make mistakes in high pressure situations. But thankfully, a bit of preparation can literally save your life. Regular evacuation drills will significantly increase your chances of safety in the event of an emergency.
Plan Your Escape Routes
In every house, there will be an exit that is particularly suitable for evacuation. Make sure that everyone in your home is aware of this exit, and have a few escape routes in the back of their mind which they can navigate in case of an emergency. A simple awareness of an escape route could save your family from disaster. Moreover, it is important to designate a meeting location, in the event that the house is destroyed by a fire, or becomes unsafe due to criminal infiltration.
Identify an Emergency Contact
Make sure you have a designated emergency contact that your children can call in the event of a catastrophic emergency. It is wise to post this number in a central location such as the kitchen or family room. Moreover, you ought to encourage your family members to memorize the number in the event that that the emergency contact is incinerated in a fire.
Emergency Supply Kit
An emergency supply kit should be able to sustain a family for at least three days. It should also have important safety supplies, such as a first aid kit, a flash light, and a battery operated radio. It is recommended to store at least five gallons of drinking water, and to stock up on non-perishables such as ramen, canned soup, or peanut butter.

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