Figures indicate that in Tucson, Arizona, more than 3,000 violent crimes and over 35,000 property crimes occur every year. Residents should be alarmed.  The figure includes 5,000 burglary crimes a year, which is defined as entering another’s house with the intention of stealing property. It is in the individual’s best interest to contact a home alarm system provider—Central Alarm—to decrease the risk of burglary and other property related crimes. Indeed, the purchase of an alarm could save your home, your belongings, hours of heartache, and even your life.
Let us protect you
At Central Alarm, we provide a myriad of different alarm systems. Some of the more traditional timed alarm systems can be programmed to keep your family and home safe at night when it is most prone to attack. Another option includes, infra-red alarm systems. Infra-red security systems involve an infra-red sensor to guard against and uninvited, unwanted intruder. If a bugler attempts to infiltrate the domicile, and alarm will be trigged, shlagen alarm! Alarm systems can even be controlled by a mobile device. Ergo, if you depart on a vacation, your anxiety will be relieved solely by switching on your smart phone and monitoring the status of your alarm system.
Why you should Fortify with Central Alarm
Central Alarm essentially protects Arizona by installing home security alarms. A home security alarm protects against any unwanted intrusion or larceny. At Central Alarm, we offer packages that include video surveillance. The video surveillance options provides an additional layer of security. It provides protection after the fact. Personal injury claims that could occur at your property can be supported by video surveillance; also home surveillance systems can be used to justify self-defense after an intrusion; lastly, you will be able to identify the intruder after the assault.