While many homeowners painstakingly secure their home’s interior they often overlooked a home’s exterior security. In many instances sheds, patios and porches can experience theft and vandalism simply because a few basic security precautions were not taken. For example, one of the easiest ways to increase overall yard safety and security is to consider installing motion detector floodlights. These lights are designed to light up at the first hint of motion.
Motion Detector Lighting
One of the easiest ways to send a criminal on their way is to shed light on their actions and activities on your property. Best of all, motion detector types of lights can be used almost anywhere on the exterior of a home. From doorways to patios and porches as well as outlying areas of the yard, this type of lighting is essential to total home security. Even windows can be lighted with motion detector lighting. Using a simple photoelectric cell these lights turn on automatically the moment they sense motion or movement.
Garden Sheds
Deterring theft usually begins with proper illumination. Equally important with regard to yard safety around the home is to always make sure that garden sheds and other types of outbuildings are well secured and properly locked at all times. Thieves and criminals will often target garden sheds in hopes of finding power equipment and power tools. Play it safe and keep a shed well illuminated and properly secured and locked at all times. In addition, one of the age-old ways of keeping a home safe and secure year round is to consider installing “beware of dog” signs and having a dog around the home.
Deterring Burglars And Thieves
Dogs are incredibly territorial and will sound the alarm any time a stranger approaches a home or enters onto the property. Even something as simple as putting out a large dog bowl with water and can deter theft. Some homeowners have even been known to place large dog bones around the outside of a home as a way to make it obvious that a large dog is somewhere in the immediate area. Sometimes deterring burglars and thieves can be a simple as creating an undesirable environment for their activities. Contact Central Alarm today to learn more about Tucson home-security and home alarm systems that are reliable, dependable and affordable.