Often overlooked, the doors of a home play an important part in maintaining the overall integrity and safety of one’s abode. That said there are some simple and easy ways to keep safety at the highest levels possible. For example, one of the simplest and most obvious ways to keep doors and windows safe year round is to keep them locked at all times. This is especially true during the summer months when it is tempting to keep windows open while not at home or while sleeping.
Security Latches
The easiest way to ensure the doors and windows are always locked is to make it a habit to immediately lock the door or window when it is being closed. Putting off this simple step to a later time is a sure way to make a home more vulnerable to intrusion. Many modern windows have security latches that allow windows to stay open for ventilation while still preventing unauthorized entry. As a side note, it is always recommended to inspect and check windows and doors occasionally to make sure that they operate normally in the event of a fire.
Well-Lit Door
Finding out that a door or window is malfunctioning when it is needed the most during a fire is never a good prospect. When it comes to doors around the home one of the most important safety tips is to always ensure that doors are extremely well lit. Keeping a door in complete darkness invites trouble and unauthorized intrusions. A well-lit door is one of the best ways to improve home safety and security. From decorative lighting to flood lighting and motion detection lighting, there are many options available to homeowners wishing to increase home safety and security.
Attractive And Aesthetically Pleasing
Finally, another excellent way to improve safety around the home is to make sure that all doors are solid. A solid structure doors one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized or violent entry. Whether it is solid wood, fiberglass or solid metal, a door that is structurally sound can keep a family safe year-round. Best of all, today’s modern solid doors are attractive and aesthetically pleasing and can actually greatly enhance the overall appeal of a home. Contact Central Alarm today for the best in Tucson home security services and products.

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