While a home alarm system is always recommended as a way to protect a home year-round from vandals, thieves and criminals there are other simple strategies that should be incorporated as well. This includes using the right type of landscaping around a home. For example, using plants with thorns and needles and other types of prickly plants around the home can easily deter criminals. A fragrant rosebush can work wonders in keeping thieves away from windows and doors.
Always Keep Landscaping And Trees Well Trimmed
Equally important is to consider trimming all trees around the home so that thieves cannot use tree limbs as a climbing device. This is especially true with regard to the lower limbs that can easily be accessed from the ground. Trees situated close to a home are notorious for providing easy access to second-story windows in a typical residential home. Play it safe and always keep landscaping and trees well trimmed and manicured. Another simple and yet essential strategy for improving home security is to make full use of security signs and stickers.
Signs Can Be Placed In A Conspicuous Place In The Front Yard
This is a simple step to take because installing a home security system will likely include a variety of home signs and stickers. Make full use of these items to ensure that criminals know a home is protected. Stickers can be placed on windows and signs can be placed in a conspicuous place in the front yard. In addition, signs that indicate that video surveillance is in progress can further deter theft and criminal activities.
Improving Overall Home Security And Safety
Another uncommon strategy that can effectively improve home security is to make use of something known as anti-climb paint. This type of paint is typically used on drainpipes that run vertically along side of a home. In many instances criminals and thieves can use drainpipes as a ladder to climb to the higher levels of a home. When anti-climb paint is used it makes it virtually impossible for vandals and burglars to access a home in this way. These are just a few of the simplest uncommon strategies available for improving overall home security and safety. Contact Central Alarm today to learn more about highly effective and affordable Tucson home security systems and products.

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