Today more than ever before people are looking for ways to improve home security in order to stay safe and feel more secure. With an ever-increasing volume of crime occurring across the country it is essential to get the basics of home security right from the very beginning. For example, always creating the illusion that someone is home can greatly reduce the chances of being burglarized. Professional thieves typically look for homes that are clearly unoccupied.
Radios And Televisions
One of the best ways to create the appearance that someone is home is to make use of automatic timers. Simple and inexpensive automatic timers can turn lights on and off at various times of the day and night to create the illusion that someone is indeed home. Even having radios and televisions turned on and off at random times can serve the same purpose. Taking it a step further, today many modern mobile applications make it easy to turn lights and even televisions on and off from remote locations.
Secret Location Outside
Equally important is to never leave a spare key in an obvious location. Thieves are all too familiar with the best hiding places when it comes to finding a spare key outside of a home. Leaving a key under a flowerpot or in the mailbox is a sure way to invite trouble. If it is absolutely necessary to leave a key outdoors and underneath a doormat is not the best option, consider burying a key in the dirt. Simply wrap the key in some type of protective covering and bury it in a secret location outside of your home. The chance of a thief finding a key that has been hidden in this way is virtually zero.
Install Deadbolt Locks
Finally, proper and adequate lighting is one of the best ways to protect a home. Thieves and burglars operate in the darkness of night and will be deterred by excessive lighting. Making full use of lighting and even infrared detectors that automatically turn lights on when an individual is detected can deter crime substantially. As an added note it is always a good idea to install deadbolt locks throughout a home. Heavy-duty deadbolt locks can greatly reduce the chances of intrusion or theft. Contact Central Alarm today to learn more about Tucson home alarm systems that are reliable, affordable and highly effective.