Many experts would agree that one of the weakest links in any home in terms of safety and security is its doors and windows. Burglars and thieves know all too well that one of the easiest ways to enter a home uninvited is to make use of vulnerable doors and windows. That said, there are some useful ways of protecting doors and windows and making them more resistant to tampering.
Retrofit All Doors So That Hinges Are Located Internal To The Structure
For example, homeowners and business owners alike should always ensure that all entry doors make use of interior door hinges. One of the surest ways to increase vulnerability is to make use of doors that have hinges located on the outside of a home or business. This makes it invitingly easy for an intruder to remove the hinges via the hinge pins in order to gain entry into a building or structure. To maintain the highest levels of home security at all times, retrofit all doors so that hinges are located internal to the structure.
Install A Metal Bar That Is Placed Along The Bottom Track Of The Window
Equally important is to consider making use of metal bars on all sliding doors in a home or business. Any time there is a sliding glass door, patio door or other type of sliding door window located in a home there is an increased chance of intrusion. One of the best ways to fortify this type of door or window is to simply install a metal bar that is placed along the bottom track of the window or door structure. This is an inexpensive and highly reliable way of protecting a home from intrusion.
Installing A Large Number Of Small Panes Of Glass
Finally, protecting windows adequately can greatly deter theft and reduce the chances of unauthorized entry. Perhaps one of the most common ways that burglars enter a home is through the windows. Installing window locks and other types of useful devices such as burglar resistant glass can minimize this risk. Another great way of improving windows safety is to consider installing a large number of small panes of glass rather than installing one large pane of glass. Contact Central Alarm today to learn more about reliable and dependable Tucson alarm systems for home or business.

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