Wireless camera systems have long seen use in the commercial and business world. They give companies and organizations a safe and secure way to protect their most valuable assets. Camera systems are constantly vigilant, always watching, and absolutely tireless. The reliability, and protection offered by wireless camera systems is widely being embraced in residential communities as well.
Wireless security cameras are part of a closed-circuit television network. The entire network transmits video and audio signal to a wireless receiver which can then be connected to a display unit. Although it is called a ‘wireless’ security camera system, most cameras will have to be plugged into a power source. The term “wireless’ refers to the system’s ability to transmit the images wirelessly to the radio receiver. Because wireless camera systems do not need to worry about running extensive lengths of expensive video cables, they can be installed at relatively low cost.
The Power of Digital
Digital wireless security systems are revolutionizing the industry. They are capable of transmitting encoded information over high-bandwidth radio frequencies which can carry a great deal more information than the old, standard, radio units. They allow high definition video and audio streaming, as well as two-way communication between cameras and receivers. In addition, the move to digital lets homeowners take direct control of the system. They can tell the cameras to move up, and down or left and right as they wish.
Digital wireless also allows homeowners to monitor their homes even when they are across the nation. Mobile applications can bring streaming security video directly to a cell phone. These types of security systems offer immense peace of mind to homeowners. They can keep an eye on teens who have gotten home from school early, or pets who are just lounging around in the middle of the day.