Every year thousands of American homes burn down in residential fires. Unfortunately, these fires result in thousands of deaths. In 2013 alone 2,755 poor souls met there death in a home fire. These fires also caused an extraordinary $6.8 billion in property damages. The number one step a family can take to protect themselves in the event of a fire is to install and properly maintain smoke alarms.
Installing Smoke Alarms
Proper installation of smoke alarms will help keep your family safe. When picking out smoke alarms, make sure you are investing in a brand which has been thoroughly laboratory tested. They will usually have a label denoting this. Prioritize installing smoke detectors in bedrooms and other locations you may fall asleep. Smoke inhalation while sleeping is one of the leading causes of death during home fires. Make sure you install your smoke detectors a few feet away from air conditioning ducts and windows, as these may interfere with their operation. The best smoke detector systems use interconnected smoke alarms. When one alarm sounds, it will trigger every other alarm. It is going to sound like the world is ended, but that is the point! A triggered smoke alarm needs to fill you with a sense of urgency.
Proper Maintenance
They key to proper smoke alarm maintenance is regular testing. Alarms will come with a test button. At least once a month you should visit every alarm in your home to make sure it is still functioning properly. If an alarm starts chirping, that usually means it is running low on batteries. Do not just ignore this chirp, or unplug the smoke detector! Replace the battery to keep your system functioning in top-tip shape. Some smoke detectors come with 10-year batteries which are ideal for maintenance averse individuals.

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