We have all seen The Terminator before, right? Well, after seeing that movie you may have a hard time bringing yourself to trust in machines. Spoiler alter, they become a little more trustworthy in Terminator Two. If you are looking for home security, or protection, perhaps you would like to rely on a more human element. If so, personal security guard services may be right for you.
Guard Services for Events
Guard services are a perfect security option for individuals throwing large scale events. The most expensive wedding of all time was the royal wedding between Prince Henry and Kate Middleton. The largest item on their budget was security. The wedding itself cost approximately 72 million dollars, while the price for personal security totaled 32 million dollars. If personal guard services are good enough for the royal family, they are probably good enough for you too! Next time you are throwing a party, think about hiring personal security to ensure everyone remains safe.
Added Protection
Having your home broken into can be an extremely traumatic event. You should feel absolutely safe in your home, but once its sanctity has been broken, it is hard to recapture that feeling again. If your house has been compromised, and you are worried about repeat incidents, you can schedule regular security patrols with reputable companies like Central Alarm. Depending on your needs, you can have an onsite security guard, or regular mobile patrol service. You will sleep well knowing someone is watching over you, keeping you and your family safe.
Organization and Dependability
Central Alarm has a 24-hour dispatch center which can send state-licensed security guards to your door with just a few hours of notice. These guards are vigilant, well trained, and absolutely professional. They are overseen by roving patrol supervisors who watch over Central Alarm’s security force and make sure they are performing at the highest level.