In today’s increasingly uncertain world it is more important than ever before to protect your home and family from unexpected and unwanted crime. There are many ways to accomplish this goal that should be considered by conscientious and concerned homeowners. For example, exterior doors should always have high quality heavy-duty strong locks. A 1-inch deadbolt on an exterior door should be a standard in most homes. Saving a few dollars on a lower quality lock is never recommended.
If There Is Ever Any Doubt
Equally important is to be cautious when an unexpected knock occurs at the door. Always check to see who is outside your door before opening the door. Talk through the door and avoid opening the door unless you are absolutely sure that you know the person on the other side. If there is ever any doubt simply call 911 or call the authorities as soon as possible. Patio doors should always be burglar proof by placing a metal bar into the bottom track of the door slide.
Expensive Electronic Equipment And Other Valuables
Garage doors are often a weak link in most homes today. Always keep your garage door closed even when you are at home. Many thefts and much crime has occurred over the years because crooks hide in a garage and wait for the occupants of a home to go to sleep. Never leave yourself vulnerable and always keep your garage door secure at all times. Those with expensive electronic equipment and other valuables should keep the curtains, shades and blinds closed. Making these items easily visible is a sure way to invite trouble.
Keeping Your Home Safe And Secure
Finally, one great strategy for reducing the chances of a break-in while on vacation is to turn off the ringer on your phone. Many criminals and thieves will simply call your home to see if you are there. By turning off the ringer you can deter theft and reduce the chances of a break in. As an added note, it is always a good idea to have friends or family or neighbors collect newspapers and mail while you are away. Sometimes the simplest strategies can go a long way in keeping your home safe and secure year after year. Contact Central Alarm today for Phoenix Arizona home alarm systems that get results.

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