Something as simple as keeping a window or door open or unlocked is one of the best ways to invite trouble when it comes to burglars, thieves and vandals. Always keep all doors and windows secure even when at home. Never underestimate the boldness of a common criminal. Equally important is to always keep the door attached to your garage locked even when the garage door is closed.
Maintain The Perimeter Of Your Home Well Lit At All Times
One of the best ways to increase security around your home is to always create the illusion that you are home and active. Putting lights on timers, turning radios and TVs on and making your residence always look occupied even when no one is home is the best way to prevent theft and burglary. Another great way to enhance security is to maintain the perimeter of your home well lit at all times. An excellent way to reduce the chances of a burglary is to never provide clues that you are on vacation. Have neighbors pick up mail and newspapers at regular intervals while on vacation.
This Is A Clear Sign That Someone Is Not Home
Equally important is to keep blinds and shades up and curtains open to some degree to create a sense of normal activity. Thieves and criminals typically look for homes where all curtains, blinds and shades are fully closed. This is a clear sign that someone is not home. Outsmarting burglars and thieves can be as easy as leaving a few shades, blinds and curtains open. Never leave messages or notes on your door or on your mailbox. This is another way that criminals and thieves can determine that you are not home, making your home a likely target.
Keeping Shrubbery And Trees Away From Walkways And Entrances
Finally, work with your neighbors and others in your immediate area as well as family members and friends and coworkers to ensure that your home is always under a watchful eye and protected. As an added note, keeping shrubbery and trees away from walkways and entrances is a great way to deter theft and unwanted intrusion. Consider the simple yet important strategies as a way to keep your home safe and secure year-round. Contact Central Alarm today to learn more about affordable, reliable and dependable home security systems throughout Arizona.