When most people are thinking about home security they usually pass right over consideration of their garage door. They make sure the front door is secure. They lock up the back door, the side door, and the windows. They turn on their security system and they think that is enough! Don’t forget to consider your garage door when you are planning your home security system.
Electric Garage Security
First things first, when you have an electric garage door, you need to have the ability to open the door manually. If you usually enter your home through the garage door, you don’t want to find yourself stuck outside, out of luck, in the event of a power outage. External keypads might seem like incredible conveniences, but they are also incredible liabilities. An intrepid thief may be able to manipulate the keypad and gain access to your home without having to use the combination.
Additional Considerations
We recommend never leaving your garage door opener inside your car. If a thief steals your car, they will suddenly have access to your home as well. Invest in a keychain opener. It will be safe and hard to lose!
Don’t neglect garage door maintenance. Garage doors rely on mechanical and electrical parts to function properly. For older garage doors, those that have been around 10-12 years, we recommend yearly maintenance. Wear and tear, along with corrosion could compromise the function of your garage door.
Personal Safety Concerns
You need to have a safety sensor installed to prevent the garage door from closing not just on people, but on objects like your car as well! If you are every working on your garage, make sure you have a friend nearby. You are probably going to have to get up on a ladder, you don’t want to fall down!
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