Doorbells have been around since the early 1800s. These primitive devices were a bit like old style church bells, but in miniature. A chain would dangle outside the door, which a visitor would pull. A hammer attached to the chain would strike a bell and a pleasant chime would sound. In 1831, electric doorbells were invented. Today, the newest, Wi-Fi enable doorbells are not only able to alert homeowners that a visitor has arrives, they also function as security devices!
How Wi-Fi Security Doorbells Work
Did you know that the first thing most burglars do is ring your doorbell? It makes sense if you think about it. They want to find out if someone is home! With a new Wi-Fi doorbell it will seem like you are always home. If you are apparently always home, when is a burglar going to have the opportunity to burgle? The answer is hopefully – never.
One of the most popular Wi-Fi doorbells currently on the market is the Ring Video Doorbell. The ring features two-way audio communication and a built-in video camera. Mostly importantly, the Ring Video Doorbell syncs with your smartphone.
It works like this – When someone rings your doorbell a notification is sent to your smartphone. Next you open up the Ring App. Now you are going to be looking at a high-definition live streaming video of your front door, and the person who just ringed the doorbell! Well, you see who is visiting your home, now it is time to greet them. The best part, you can greet them even if you are not home. Simply speak into your phone when you have the Ring App opened. You will be able to communicate directly with the individual at your front door. If you are home, you can decided whether you want to answer the door, if you are not home, you can send them away (remember to pretend you are home though!),
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