Every year in the United States hundreds of thousands of homes catch fire, causing billions of dollars in property damage and resulting in thousands of tragic deaths. Fire departments work extremely hard to keep us safe, but the responsibility isn’t theirs alone. Fire prevention starts in the home. You can keep you and yours protected by following some of these helpfully fire safety and prevention tips.
Start With Prevention
Most home fires start in the kitchen. Always play close attention when you are cooking. Never leave the oven on and be careful with the stove, especially if it is gas. Faulty wiring is the second largest cause of home fires. The older your home is, the higher the risk. You can always schedule an inspection with an electrician to make sure you are in good shape. Check your electrical appliances for frayed wiring as well. Don’t forget to empty your dryer’s lint trap, another common source of home fires.
Smoke Detectors are Essential
You home most have smoke detectors installed. You should test them monthly to make sure they are functioning properly. If a smoke alarm’s battery does run out do not ignore it. Some homeowners are tempted to unplug a smoke alarm when it starts giving off that telltale low-battery chirp. That chirp is irritating for a reason, it is trying to spur you into action! Get that batter changed before you do anything else. Have extra batteries on hand just in case.
Practice makes Perfect
It is important that your family will be able to leave your home in under 2 minutes in the event of a fire. Create an escape plan and practice it. Hold monthly fire drills as a precaution. It may feel excessive, but if a worst-case-scenario does occur, you want to be properly prepared.
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