One of the best things about a home video surveillance system is how customizable it is. The variety of cameras and equipment you can purchase is nearly endless. Plus, you can set them up in any way you like. The problem with this is, sometimes you can have your system set up in a way that is suboptimal. You may even buy equipment that you don’t really need or that isn’t right for you. If you have any questions while setting up a home surveillance system, you can ask for the help of an experienced home security company like Central Alarm. Today we will discuss some of the things to consider when setting up your system.
Video Quality: When we are talking about video quality we are talking about resolution. There are systems available in standard definition, high definition, and high resolution. Choosing the right video quality for you is about balancing cost with your specific need. Perhaps you would like the crispy clarity of high definition, or perhaps you would be fine with standard definition.
Lighting: Lighting is something you have to think about when you are decided where to place your security cameras. If the cameras are exposed to too much or too little light, they could become entirely useless. Cameras pointed directly at a light source will be blinded. Darkness may be less of a problem if you have infrared cameras.
Mounting Location: Mounting location is an important consideration, and it is just all about lighting. You want the cameras to be able to observe as much space as they can. You want to make sure there are no objects blocking their view. Additionally, you want your cameras to be mounted out of reach of potential home invaders. If they can just reach up and disable the camera, then what is even the point?!