Doorbells are so common today it can be hard to imagine a time without them. This practical and helpful tool in for the home has undergone several changes and variations through more than a century.
Before chimes, tunes, and any elaboration could be given to the doorbell, there were knockers and pull systems. These manual methods of alerting someone of your presence were not always the loudest,but could be crafted into ornate designs that enhanced the exterior of a home. Back in the day, this alert system could only be afforded by the wealthy, and did not become widespread until the early 1900’s.
The first electronic doorbell was created by Joseph Henry in 1831 though this design did not become refined and common until many decades later. The idea was that pressing a switch near the front door would send an amount of low voltage through wires in the house that would then activate a buzzer or chime. As electronic doorbells took over the market, many variations were made available to consumers. You could have a doorbell that chimed, buzzed, played a small tune, and more.
In today’s modern, technological times wireless, wifi connected doorbells are taking over the market. Not only do you have to worry about all that wiring in your house, but it can be connected to your smartphone and allows homeowners to see and communicate with visitors either before they reach the door, or when they aren’t home at all.
Who knows what’s in store for doorbells in the future?