Home security should be essential and well practiced by any homeowner. Did you know that several burglars are just amateur and spur of the moment? Practicing a handful of these security measures will greatly reduce the chances of your house being broken into.
Always be sure to lock your house while you are away, even if it is just a fifteen minute trip to the store. It does not take a long time for a home invasion to take place. Replace locks when you purchase or move into a new home, and replace locks after losing keys you don’t recover. To stop or deter ‘loiding’ experts install a deadlock on your door. A quick credit card swipe won’t be enough! For spare key storage, ditch the idea of a fake rock or keeping it under your mat. Instead, wrap the key in foil and bury it somewhere you will remember and be able to easily access.
Be in good communication with your neighbors, everyone is prone to watching out for one another and mentioning suspicious activity. Do not let it known when you are absent from the home, especially during extended periods of time. Set lights on a timer or even ask a friend you trust to check up on the house periodically while you are away. Activity scares burglars away.
These are just a few ideas to improve your home security, ask a professional at Central Alarm for more thorough and personalized security systems and methods.