Windows are extremely vulnerable entrance ways to your home when a burglar decides to intrude. It might be a second thought to secure your windows, but just like your doors there are several methods you can choose from. Here are a few of the most popular.
Reinforcing Glass
You can reinforce the glass in your windows with several types of material. Tempered glass is the most common investment for families, since it is often the most inexpensive reinforcement that still provides an ample amount of extra strength for glass. Laminated or safety glass is the next choice. This variant is constructed with a piece of vinyl between glass panes, making it exceedingly difficult to break through the glass completely. The more a burglar tries to smash a window in, the more noise is created thus alerting anyone nearby of trouble.
Bars and Alarms
Bars can be installed on the outside of your windows to further deter burglar interference. Even if intruders manage to break the glass of your windows, they will not be able to squeeze through the bars bolted up on the outside. You can also install window alarms. These alarms come with several variants, but the most common is the sensor alarm. This alarm is set up flush against the window and window sill so that whenever a certain window is open or broken the house is alerted immediately.