People install cameras as part of their security system for several reasons. Maybe you want to catch the furry culprit that is littering trash all over your lawn, or keep an eye on the kids while they play out back. Security cameras come in handy for businesses too, catching thieves and keep an eye on merchandise at all times. There are several types of security cameras to choose form, so you can be sure to choose one that fits your needs.
This type of camera is often shaped like a cylinder and mounted in the corners of walls. This makes the bullet camera extremely visible and obvious. They also lack remote control to shift the camera pan, so it must be done manually. However they get their job done and are often the cheapest on the market.
One large step up from the bullet camera is the dome camera. With a dome cover over the actual camera, this variant of the surveillance camera is much more difficult to destroy. Depending on the color of the dome cover ( clear, smoked, black and mirrored are common choices) people will not be able to observe just where the camera is positioned when taking surveillance.
The only completely discreet security camera. However, you should be careful how you utilize them, everyone is entitled to some amount of privacy. Due to the extremely compact size picture quality will not be the best. None of them will come bigger than a quarter, and are intended for when you don’t want anyone to know an area is being recorded.

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