Video surveillance camera placement is going to differ for every home. A large majority of the decision depends on what you and your family feel like you need. What the most vulnerable spots on your property seem to be. Paying close attention to what areas of your home need that little bit of extra surveillance will make your video surveillance system all the more effective against burglary. Unique as your home may be, here are common places that could benefit from a video camera.
Front Door
Did you know that about thirty-four percent of burglaries happen through the front door? Being the main entrance to a home it’s not an absurd thought. You’ll definitely want to place a video camera here. To prevent a thief from defacing a camera here place it at a second floor level. If you do not have a second story, protect it with mesh wiring.
Back Door
Twenty-two percent of burglars try breaking and entering through your back door, so it would be smart to install a camera back there as well. Side doors count for this as well, and essentially you should arm any entry door with a camera. Always be sure to try and keep cameras out of human reach.
Backyards can be teeming with expensive lawn furniture and garden equipment that can lure a burglar just as easily as the valuables inside your house. Install motion censored flood lights and weatherproof video surveillance cameras in your backyard to keep this area safe and secure as the rest. If there’s an entrance gate to your backyard, keep that under surveillance too.