Sometimes home security systems can be pricey, or maybe you think you live in a safe enough neighborhood that extra security is not needed. While this may be true, it’s important not to completely overlook different home security systems. They come with several benefits for you and your family, should you decide to install one.
Protect Home
This seems fairly obvious, a security system will keep your home secure and comfortable for everyone living there. But aside from warding against burglars, depending on the system you purchase, it can also detect fires and carbon monoxide leaks allowing you to call the authorities and further help much quicker. Staying on top of dangers such as burglaries and fires not only will you be able to keep the people you love safe, but any of your valuables safe as well. Did you know the average loss during a burglary is $1,700? A security system can make all the difference.
Save Money
Most homeowners insurance plans offer a 10-20% discount for homeowners who have a security system set up around their property. This perk makes sense, as security systems greatly risk the chance of burglary and damage to your home. Also, as home automation becomes more and more popular, security systems are being created with an array of functions. This includes possibly of remote controlling lighting, thermostat, and even small appliances.