A lot of people use their garage door as their main entrance and exit out of the house. Since the large majority drives to work, errands, or whatever business fills up their day it’s a quick, direct method. If you use your garage door on a daily basis you should stop and think how you can keep it as safe and secure as your front door, burglars will use any method of entrance they can find. Don’t leave your garage door vulnerable.
First, when you’re at home don’t leave your garage door open. Even if you are present and working in your garage this will give people a clear view of what you have stored away, and it might spawn some attempted burglaries. Always lock the interior door leading from your garage into your home, and even use a garage door lock at night. Many overhead garage doors have a lock, but if not, one can easily be purchased and set up separately. If you are going away for vacation you can either flip the vacation lock switch, or unplug your garage door opener altogether.
If you park your car out in the driveway, never leave your garage out in plain sight. It would be even safer if you did not keep it in your car at all, unless you were out driving around. If you have an exterior keypad be sure your code is not easily discoverable and do not hand it out to people you do not completely trust.

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