Believe it or not, your simple lock and key has intricate mechanics working behind it to keep your doors, family, and prized possessions safe and secure whenever you like. Lock and keys have been used for decades for privacy and safety all around the world, but maybe you want to bring your door and locks into the 21st century? There are a handful of variants to the good old fashioned key. Why not find one that works for you?
Key Pads
You will most likely see these contraptions on doors around different private business or maybe even expansive apartment buildings. Either way, there is a small pad similar to that of a cellphone or atm machine mounted above the door handle and programmed to undo the lock inside the door when the correct combination of numbers is inputted. As technology improves these pads can have physical push buttons, or be completely digitalized and on a touch screen.
Ready to get futuristic? Look into purchasing some completely digital locks for ease and convenience. Completely set up through your smart phone and other electronic devices, lock your front door or configure security alerts all at the touch of a button. Just be sure a passcode you choose is unique and keep it private, or burglary will be that much easier.

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