With all the safety precautions you can install around your home to warn you of onset fires, it never hurts to take a few extra steps to ensure no blazing flames will spark and damage your home anytime soon. Here are some elements and tips to keep in mind when practicing effective fire prevention in the home.
Cooking in the kitchen is one of the number one ways a fire could possibly start in your house. Dealing with stoves, ovens, and so much heat to create the perfect meal leaves a lot of room for accidents. It’s always best to practice the most safety methods you can. Always give whatever you are cooking undivided attention, a lot of kitchen fires simply start because the food was left unattended. If you have to leave, turn on the oven or stove.
This is the second most common ways house fires are started, and it is even more prominent in winter months. More specifically portable space heaters can cause a great deal of trouble if not handled correctly. Most often drapes will come into contact with a running space heater and ignite a fire. The most simple solution? When using space heaters, be sure to give them space away from other objects and the walls. Three feet clearance from anything else in the room is the most recommended safety tip.

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