Every household has windows, and they can be wonderful enhancements to the home as well as detrimental doorways to bring nature closer and visible to those inside. It’s also important to be aware of some dangers windows can cause, especially if you have younger children. With these safety tips you can enjoy your windows without worry!
If you own a two story house be sure to practice escape routes with all family members making sure windows are easy to access and operate. Also be sure that if your escape route includes window usage you have properly installed chain ladders. For further child safety keep furniture like chairs and cribs far enough away from the window so that young children can not climb up and out the window. If you need to open windows for ventilation in your home, only open the ones your children can not reach. If you decide to use window guards on the interior of your windows, make sure they are operable and can be easily removed. Practice detaching the guards with children in case they need to exit through a window in an emergency.

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