As Apple introduced their HomeKit last year, the idea of a smart home finally arrived to the masses. The idea that you could now lock and unlock your home, turn on the lights or open your garage from your phone had become a reality. It was no longer the stuff of movies, it has become a reality.
Among the accessories that were introduced with Apple’s HomeKit was a smartlock, which allowed you to conveniently unlock your home with a touch of a finger from your phone. Although the idea and concept had been floated about and similar variations had already been on the market, Apple brought it to the forefront and introduced us to the possibilities of the future of home and business security.
The interconnectivity of the world we live in today allows individuals to live with peace of mind knowing that they can view live home security camera footage from their phones and once they get home they can unlock the door and garage as they are pulling into their driveway.
But even technology is prone to being flawed. An issue that comes about with this “smart technology” is the concern over hacking and cyber-security. These devices are more susceptible to being hacked by online thieves and can become a huge security risk if the thieves get a hold of your address. If they get a hold of their that, your home becomes their next target and you are more susceptible to home burglary.
We here at Center Alarm want to make sure that security isn’t an issue. Our state-of-the-art security systems make sure that you never have to worry about this happening to you. That is why we provide top quality security services and solutions for all of your residential and commercialsecurity concerns and questions. If you want learn more about the newest innovations in home and business security, feel free to give us a call at (520) 441-8713 or email us

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