You might already know how to properly use a fire extinguisher. After all, the PASS method – Pull the pin, Aim low, Squeeze the lever slowly and evenly, and Sweep the nozzle side-to-side – is universally taught. However, a fire extinguisher can be used for much more than putting out fires; it can be used as a self-defense tool.
How? We’ve all seen it happen in movies, when the hero grabs a fire extinguisher and uses it as a weapon against the villain. And yes, even you can use your fire extinguisher in the same way if someone were to ever break into your home or pose as a dangerous threat to public safety.
But they can also be used non-lethally, as well. Remembering the PASS method, you can deter anyone by spraying the dry-chemical stream in their immediate direction. These dry-chemical fire extinguishers shoot their streams at relatively fast speeds that can travel up to 20 feet, making them an excellent non-lethal weapon.
What makes the fire distinguisher a sound choice for self-defense is the element of surprise. More so often than not, a shooter, home invader, or criminal of any type will not be expecting someone to use a fire extinguisher against them. Not only would this give you the upper hand in the situation, but would also serve as a huge distraction for them: they’ll never see it coming!
Please be aware that we here at Central Alarm Security are not suggesting, promoting, or encouraging people to use their fire extinguishers as lethal weapons, and that we condone violence. However, if there was ever a time where a fire extinguisher was easily accessible in a situation that called for you to defend yourself, you now know to do so.
In order to avoid a situation where your property and life could be threatened, it is best to have Central Alarm Security already in place to ensure your absolute safety and protection.

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