In addition to the tips we gave you in part one of this two-part series, there are never enough ways to keep yourself and your belongings safe and protected during travel. Without further ado, here are more ways in which you can protect your personal items while abroad:
Don’t Let Electronics Out Of Your Sight.
Unless you want to go completely “off the grid” during vacation, you’ll most likely be brining your phone, laptop, or camera with you. If you are, it’s extremely important to keep these things on you throughout the day. Therefore, don’t give that expensive camera to a taxi driver or bellman who promises to keep it safe for you or deliver it to your room. You never know when someone can steal or misplace your electronics. If you happen to be leaving your hotel for a while and can’t bring your electronics with you, be sure to keep them locked in a safe (if there is one), or locked in your luggage.
Be Aware Of The Bags And Backpacks You Bring.
What do we mean by this? Make sure that the bags you bring for vacation or work related travel have zippers. Unfortunately, this effects women more so than men, as lots of purses only shut with a magnet, or don’t shut at all. Therefore, it’s extremely important for anyone who is about to travel to bring bags that zip in order to avoid local pick pockets and thieves.
Maximize The Potential In Your Sleeping Bag.
For those who are more adventurous and like to sleep under the stars, keep your belongings safe by placing them at the bottom of your sleeping bag. Leaving them out in the open, even if they are in a suitcase or bag that is locked, makes your belongings vulnerable. Anyone can walk by your campsite and steal your luggage while you’re asleep.
This concludes our two-part series on how to keep your personal items safe during travel. For any inquiries on how to protect your home or update your current system, do not hesitate to call us today!