With the Trick or Treat season fast approaching the crime rate often experiences an uptick, often in the forms of vandalism and thefts. While there may not be anything to be done to prevent such actions completely (after all, ghouls will be on the prowl all night) and there can only be done so much to help catch the fiends likely wearing masks here are some tips to lessen the chance of you being a target. Paired up with home security systems and you will have taken all the measures possible to protect yourself.
If handing out candy remember to be pleasant about it! Coming off as angry or bothered is a sure fire way to inspire tricksters to focus their attempts on you!
When it comes to lighting your home, this is tricky. Some may say make it clear you are not participating in the festivities by keeping your lights off. However, this would create a perfect cover for ne’er-do-wells to approach your home. Motion sensor floodlights are the best of both worlds and will keep any vandals from approaching your walls as they’ll immediately be illuminated.
If you have a garage or some place to park your car other than on the street or driveway, do so! By removing the target, you’ll be sure to have an egg-free vehicle come November 1st.
As always, make sure you’re keeping everything locked up tight, especially after opening and closing your door dozens of times throughout the night.
If you’d like to pass out candy maybe move your place to the drive way. This helps in a few ways. One by reducing the amount of traffic crossing your lawn and into your door, also allows you to meet the parents of traveling trick or treaters who would usually wait at the sidewalk. From the more forward position, you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye out for vandals nearby and keeping your neighborhood safe, not just your home.

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